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4 Pool Landscaping Ideas for Your Charleston Home

pool landscaping ideasWhen thinking about getting a pool, or buying a house that has one, some tend to focus on just the pool. However, to make your backyard beautiful in total, a lot more goes into it. There is the yard that surrounds as well as any water features and flowers and shrubs that will give you the overall look you are going for. One thing to remember, don’t break the bank. It’s fine for your pool landscaping ideas to take shape over time, unless you have a bottomless bank account. It’s all about getting what you want and sometimes that takes time. Here in Charleston where our climate is a lot warmer than others, we are afforded the opportunity to have a lot of pool landscaping ideas than others. Our team at Paradise Pools have seen some beautiful pool landscaping ideas in our time. Here are our top 4 ideas.

1. The first pool landscaping idea is to add a hot tub near your pool. The flow of having both is beautiful on the eye as well as the skin on your body. The juxtaposition of the warm and the cool does wonders. You may be thinking that it may be a hassle to take care of both but trust us, the benefits outweigh the hassle every time.

2. Another one of our pool landscaping ideas is to use nature as your muse. Use what you see around you and work your pool and yard into that. Live in a square box of a backyard? Then you are free to use your imagination and create the oasis that you want. Add rocks, a slide into the pool and of course natural looking plants around it. As long as the plants and features you choose can survive in our climate, feel free to make your backyard look however you want. Be sure to add lots of places for you and friends to sit, relax and be shaded if they want to be.

3. One big thing to remember when it comes to pool landscaping ideas is always keep everything maintained. Once you have an idea in place, you have to be diligent about keeping the grass and bushes healthy and trimmed and your backyard will be the envy of anyone who is lucky enough to see it.

4. The last of our pool landscaping ideas is to make your backyard another living space. With our long summers, we love spending a lot of time outside. Install seating, an outdoor bar with room for a small fridge for drinks. Build in an amazing place for your outdoor cooking equipment so you and your guests can go from swimming and relaxing to eating to relaxing again. If you are worried about bugs and such, one fantastic idea is to install a Florida room. Never heard of it? Imagine a giant screened in porch over your pool and any additional space. You get the breeze without the pests and it also keeps leaves and other things out of your pool.

There are many pool landscaping ideas out there and there is one, or more, that are perfect for your Charleston home. The best idea is to always do plenty of research before you decide on any plan, make sure everything will work with our climate and of course your budget. If you have any questions on more pool landscaping ideas, feel free to contact our wonderful team today.

Photo by: Plant NJ