A Gift for the Entire Family

The winter holidays are right around the corner, and for many, this means giving gifts to family and friends. Picking out the perfect gift for a loved one can be hard, especially when you have many on your list to purchase for. At Paradise, we have the perfect gift that the entire family will love:  a Bullfrog Spa.



Bullfrog Spas are known for their durability and innovative designs, and they are unlike any other hot tub currently available on the market. What makes Bullfrog different from other hot tubs? Bullfrog Spas has patented it’s own JetPak Therapy System – which means you can customize your hot tub to your specific therapeutic wants and needs.



Bullfrog’s luxury hot tubs have 90% less plumbing than a standard hot tub, which contributes to Bullfrog being the most energy efficient spa on the market. Bullfrog Spas are also constructed 100% wood-free. For the consumer, this means an investment that will last for the long haul (20+ years), compared to a less durable spa that may only have a lifespan of a few years before warping and wood rot start to occur. The most common issue ordinary hot tubs face is sprouting leaks in the plumbing system, and Bullfrog has completely eliminated this issue.


The holidays are the perfect time to purchase a Bullfrog Spa – we are offering up to $1500 off of our 2014 spa models, and there is also a factory rebate for $500 through Bullfrog Spas themselves. That’s up to $2,000 worth of savings! No matter what you’re looking for in a spa (hydrotherapy, stress relief, home improvement, entertaining guests, outdoor living, wellness, family time), Bullfrog Spas and Paradise have you covered.


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