Get your pool supplies and chemicals from Charleston's oldest pool and spa store, Paradise Pools & Spas.



Ok, so now that you have a little paradise in your backyard, what’s next?  Well, at Paradise Pools, we not only would love to help get you that new pool or spa, but we are experts at maintaining and protecting that investment. The best way to protect the investment is to maintain proper chemical balance.

At Paradise we have the most experienced staff in town to make sure your pool or spa is cared for properly. All we need you to do is bring in a water sample once a month to ensure the water is always balanced. We run the water sample through a computer analysis system and then we will recommend the needed chemicals to return the water to perfect balance. The best part of this maintenance program is that it is completely free of charge. So please stop by at least once a month to one of our three stores, and they will be happy to help keep your water sparkling clear and safe for you and your family.

Now that you have received your printout of needed chemical adjustments, what should you do next? Well, we have full complement of Bioguard chemicals to fix any pool or spa chemical issues. Not only do we stock almost any product you could ever need for your pool or spa, but we have very competitive prices on all of these products. Don’t guess what your pool needs or hope you are adding the correct amount. Just stop by Paradise Pools and we will take care of you today. We promise you will save money by taking care of your pool or spa correctly.