Heat Things Up This Valentine’s Day

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The typical items that come to mind when thinking of Valentine’s involve bouquets of flowers, flashy jewelry, fancy dinners and boxes of overpriced chocolates. Who wants to give their significant other gifts that they are already expecting? You can come up with something better than that for your loved one, and we have just the idea for you: a Bullfrog Spa.

bullfrog vday

A Bullfrog Spa is the perfect romantic gift that will keep giving for years and years. Why do we think it’s the perfect gift? It’s great for couples who like to spend time together alone; Bullfrog Spas can turn a simple night at home into a night of luxury and relaxation. Why buy your lover an expensive one-time massage at a fancy day spa when you could give them a lifetime of personalized massages in the comfort of their own home? Your other half is one of a kind and deserves a one of a kind gift; Bullfrog Spas are the only luxury spas equipped with a JetPak Therapy System. You can personalize your spa with you and your lover’s exact needs – each JetPak provides a different type of massage and targets specific trouble areas.

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Not only are Bullfrog Spas therapeutic and relaxing, they are also the perfect excuse to spend more time with your significant other (as well as family and friends, too!). No need to worry about the spa running up your electricity bill, either. Another added benefit of Bullfrog Spas is their high energy efficiency rating. Bullfrog has 90% less plumbing than the average hot tub – that fact in itself, along with other superior technology, makes them the most energy efficient spa available on the market.

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For this special occasion, Paradise Pools & Spas will be running a clearance sale (starting today) for all Bullfrog Spas still in inventory. This is your chance to get a luxury hot tub for a great price. Come on in to any of our locations to learn more. Our Summerville location has the largest showroom of spas, but any location will be able to give you information and pricing for the sale. We hope your Valentine’s Day is extra steamy this year!


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