How to Increase Energy Efficiency

Can you believe it’s already mid-June? Pool season is in full swing, especially with the high temperatures we’ve been experiencing here in the Lowcountry. Most of us will end up seeing increases in our electric bill during the summer months, due to increased usage of air conditioning. Don’t let your swimming pool be another reason for your electricity bill to go up. Lessen your energy consumption and increase your savings by replacing your current, single speed pump with an Intelliflo or Superflo VS pump by Pentair.

pentair-eco-select-productsPentair is the leader in production of quality variable speed pumps, and this technology has made a huge impact on the pool world. What’s the big deal about variable speed pumps as opposed to the normal, single speed pumps, you ask? Variable speed technology allows for precise matching of motor speed to your specific pool’s needs. Single speed pump motors typically run at the highest rate possible for however long the pump is on. This is simply wasting energy, and for the consumer, that means wasting money on a hefty electricity bill. Typical single speed pumps actually can consume as much energy as ALL other home appliances combined.That fact in and of itself is huge and eye-opening.

This is one occassion where slow and steady really does win the race. The Intelliflo VS (variable speed) is able to run at a lower speed, which in turn lowers energy consumption. By cutting the pump speed in half, energy consumption is lowered by 87%.


There are many other perks as a pool owner that come along with the Intelliflo VS variable speed technology. Having the ability to run your pump at a lower speed but for a longer period of time greatly reduces the chance of algae formation – algae likes to form when pool water is stagnant. Your swimming pool’s filter will also be able to work more efficiently since it has more time to sift out particles and other debris. Automatic chemical feeders, such as chlorinators, are also much more effective when water is in circulation for a longer period of time.pentair-energy-efficient-pool-pump

At Paradise, we definitely think an Intelliflo or Superflo VS pump is a great investment for any pool owner. You will see energy savings of up to 90% versus the original, single speed pump. The Intelliflo VS is also extremely quiet – so much so that many people cannot even tell if it is running. The pump runs as low as 45 decibels – this is much less noise than the common household dishwasher, which comes in at 60 decibels. The Intelliflo VS also has 8 programmable speed settings as well as a built in timer in order to assure optimum performance for your pool.

It seems we have had a large increase in the cost of electricity in the past few years, especially in the Charleston area. We have a feeling that this trend will continue to rise in the coming years – so why not make an investment that can help you save money in the present and further down the road as well? Let us help make your swimming pool more cost efficient and therefore, more enjoyable in the long run.relax pentair