How Much Does It Cost to Heat a Pool?

how much does it cost to heat a pool

When it comes to pool maintenance there are so many questions that pop into our heads, one top one is cost, which can manifest in many different ways. Unless you live in a tropical climate, one concern you will have to worry about is how much does it cost to heat a pool. Fortunately for us at Paradise Pools in Charleston, this can still be a concern but not as much as some of our northern neighbors. There are some fool proof ways to keep your heating costs down as... Read The Rest →

What is the Best Way to Change My Swimming Pool Lights?

swimming pool lights

When it comes to owning a pool, there is always something to do, to tweak, to make it run perfectly and look amazing. This can be as complicated as replacing a vital piece of equipment all the way down to something as easy as changing out your swimming pool lights. Not sure how to change out your swimming pool lights? Not to fear, we at Paradise Pools love helping our clients with all of their pool needs, big or small. We have dealt with a lot of pool problems and... Read The Rest →

Make Thanksgiving Sp-EGG-tacular

Now that our favorite time of year is over (pool season!), we are gearing up for the fall and winter holidays.  Thanksgiving is right around the corner, and we plan on making this a Turkey Day to remember. Here at Paradise, we like to make things easy.  Holidays are for family and fun – not stressing!  Many become easily overwhelmed during the holiday season when faced with the inevitable task of creating the perfect holiday meal. No need to stress, we are here to help. When people think of Thanksgiving,... Read The Rest →

Should I Get a Hot Tub in 2015?

should I get a hot tub

If someone were to ask you, should I get a hot tub? Almost all the time our knee jerk reaction is yes. For most, hot tubs symbolize a fun and relaxing time with friends where you talk about anything and everything for hours. You always have a good time in a hot tub so why wouldn’t anyone want to get one? For some, it’s the price, some it’s the upkeep and for others, they think that it is just something extraneous. We at Paradise Pools love helping our clients sort... Read The Rest →

4 Pool Landscaping Ideas for Your Charleston Home

pool landscaping ideas

When thinking about getting a pool, or buying a house that has one, some tend to focus on just the pool. However, to make your backyard beautiful in total, a lot more goes into it. There is the yard that surrounds as well as any water features and flowers and shrubs that will give you the overall look you are going for. One thing to remember, don’t break the bank. It’s fine for your pool landscaping ideas to take shape over time, unless you have a bottomless bank account. It’s... Read The Rest →

Safety Tips for a Swimming Pool Diving Board

swimming pool diving board

Having a pool in your backyard or even in your neighborhood can be a lot of fun. A swimming pool diving board is a small piece of equipment that can provide endless hours of entertainment for kids of any age as well as adults. However, in recent years, the trend seems to be heading away from swimming pool diving boards and towards slides or a more natural looking features, like rocks because of safety reasons. But, this does not have to be the case. You can have a fun diving... Read The Rest →

How to Close a Pool for the Winter

how to close a pool for the winter

It’s almost that time of year again. Luckily for us in Charleston our summers stretch a tad longer than others but, the temperatures have been steadily dropping and it’s time to close your pool for the winter. Not quite sure if you are preparing your pool correctly? Not to worry, our team at Paradise Pools love helping our clients correctly winterize their pool. It can be costly on you if you skip a step so be sure to follow our list on how to close a pool for the winter.... Read The Rest →

Looking at Charleston Spas? We Have Them!

Charleston Spas

At Paradise Pools & Spas, we know that there is nothing better after a hard day than relaxing in your very own spa or hot tub. We carry a full line of top quality spas to suit your needs, no matter how big or how small. We can help you find the perfect spa based on how many people will be using it, what kind of jet configuration you want, and the space you have to accommodate the spa. Whatever your needs and concerns, we will be there to guide... Read The Rest →

5 Pieces of Pool Cleaning Equipment that are Essential

Pool Cleaning Equipment

If you’re a pool owner, you know that keeping your pool clean is important to the longevity of your backyard oasis.  We at Paradise Pools & Spas want to help you maintain your pool’s beauty and functionality, so we’ve made a list of five pieces of pool cleaning equipment that are essential.   1. Telescoping Pole One of the most basic and important pieces of pool cleaning equipment you’ll need to keep your pool sparkling is a telescoping pole.  It allows you to reach the bottom and sides of the pool... Read The Rest →

How Much Electricity Does a Pool Use?

How Much Energy Do Pools Use

If you’re a pool owner, or thinking about getting a pool, then you know that there are a lot of important maintenance aspects to take care of.  When you’re considering the functionality of your current pool or wondering about the impact of a potential new pool, one question you might find yourself asking is: How much electricity does a pool use?  The answer to this question depends on several factors and the type of equipment your particular pool has installed.  Read on to find out how much electricity your pool... Read The Rest →


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