should I get a hot tub

Should I Get a Hot Tub in 2015?

should I get a hot tubIf someone were to ask you, should I get a hot tub? Almost all the time our knee jerk reaction is yes. For most, hot tubs symbolize a fun and relaxing time with friends where you talk about anything and everything for hours. You always have a good time in a hot tub so why wouldn’t anyone want to get one? For some, it’s the price, some it’s the upkeep and for others, they think that it is just something extraneous. We at Paradise Pools love helping our clients sort through all of their questions or concerns when they ask, should I get a hot tub? We are here to say yes as well, the benefits always outweigh any of the cost and care associated with a hot tub.

When you first think should I get a hot tub, one of the first inconveniences of having a hot tub we all consider would be keeping it clean. It really only takes a few minutes a day to keep it well maintained. Here is a quick rundown of how to easily maintain a hot tub. The first thing that you need to do on a consistent basis is to check your water. You need to check the levels of chlorine or bromine in your water as well as the pH and the calcium hardness to make sure they are all in range. When you do buy chemicals to keep the water in check be sure to buy chemicals from a reputable retailer, like Paradise Pools. To keep costs down, use an eco mode when you don’t use the hot tub and only heat the water when you are about to use it. Give yourself about 30 minutes or so before you get in. Depending on how much you use your hot tub is how often you need to drain your hot tub and refill it. Anywhere between 3, 4, or 6 months between refills is normal. When you aren’t using your hot tub, be sure you have a well-fitting cover. Not only will it keep debris out but it will help keep heat in and keep energy costs down. While you have the cover on, be sure to condition it once a month. The conditioner helps protect the cover from the sun’s rays.

The other thing most of us consider when we think should I get a hot tub is the health benefits that come with a hot tub. Fortunately, there are many. Let’s start with the basics, like the water. When you are in a hot tub, you are floating and that can help with the pressure on our joints as well as feet and ankles that take our weight all day everyday. Also, the heat of the water does wonders for our bodies. It loosens our muscles and provides temporary pain relief. What also helps with pain relief are the jets in the hot tub as well. They endlessly kneed our muscles and pressure points which all contributes to lower stress and less pain. Some lesser known benefits of a hot tub are for those with Type II diabetes. There have been studies that show that those with Type II diabetes have greatly benefited from daily dips in a hot tub, all the way to weight loss and the use of less insulin. Lastly, hot tubs help with cardiovascular health. It increases the heart rate (typical with exercising) but not blood pressure, which is great for those who need both. Lastly, after a long trip in a hot tub, you will sleep better and we all know that if we have better sleep then our overall health is improved.

We hope these tidbits about hot tubs has helped you answer your own questions about should I get a hot tub. Paradise Pools loves helping our clients decide which hot tub or pool is best for their needs. Contact our fantastic staff today so we can help you get your hot tub just in time for winter.

Photo by: The Inn at Key West