Heat Things Up This Valentine’s Day

  The typical items that come to mind when thinking of Valentine’s involve bouquets of flowers, flashy jewelry, fancy dinners and boxes of overpriced chocolates. Who wants to give their significant other gifts that they are already expecting? You can come up with something better than that for your loved one, and we have just the idea for you: a Bullfrog Spa. A Bullfrog Spa is the perfect romantic gift that will keep giving for years and years. Why do we think it’s the perfect gift? It’s great for couples... Read The Rest →

Which Hot Tubs and Spas Should You Buy in Charleston?

Hot Tubs and Spas

When it comes to buying a hot tub or a spa, there are a lot of options to consider.  So, we at Paradise Pools & Spas are here to help you decide which hot tubs and spas might suit your needs best. The Difference Between Hot Tubs and Spas Although hot tubs and spas are often thought of as the same thing, there are actually subtle differences between the two. The same basic elements are at play in both hot tubs and spas: a tub of hot water with jets... Read The Rest →