Algae Free Guarantee

Swimming pools should be for fun – not a hassle, right? We know that many pool owners have trouble keeping their water in good shape, and we’re here to let you know that doesn’t have to be the case! Here at Paradise Pools & Spas, we are so confident in our Bioguard chemicals that we are willing to GUARANTEE you will not get algae. Sounds like something you’re interested in? Read further for how to sign up. At Paradise, we are so confident in our Bioguard chemicals that we are... Read The Rest →

Heat Things Up This Valentine’s Day

  The typical items that come to mind when thinking of Valentine’s involve bouquets of flowers, flashy jewelry, fancy dinners and boxes of overpriced chocolates. Who wants to give their significant other gifts that they are already expecting? You can come up with something better than that for your loved one, and we have just the idea for you: a Bullfrog Spa. A Bullfrog Spa is the perfect romantic gift that will keep giving for years and years. Why do we think it’s the perfect gift? It’s great for couples... Read The Rest →

A Gift for the Entire Family

The winter holidays are right around the corner, and for many, this means giving gifts to family and friends. Picking out the perfect gift for a loved one can be hard, especially when you have many on your list to purchase for. At Paradise, we have the perfect gift that the entire family will love:  a Bullfrog Spa.   Bullfrog Spas are known for their durability and innovative designs, and they are unlike any other hot tub currently available on the market. What makes Bullfrog different from other hot tubs?... Read The Rest →

Make Thanksgiving Sp-EGG-tacular

Now that our favorite time of year is over (pool season!), we are gearing up for the fall and winter holidays.  Thanksgiving is right around the corner, and we plan on making this a Turkey Day to remember. Here at Paradise, we like to make things easy.  Holidays are for family and fun – not stressing!  Many become easily overwhelmed during the holiday season when faced with the inevitable task of creating the perfect holiday meal. No need to stress, we are here to help. When people think of Thanksgiving,... Read The Rest →

Looking at Charleston Spas? We Have Them!

Charleston Spas

At Paradise Pools & Spas, we know that there is nothing better after a hard day than relaxing in your very own spa or hot tub. We carry a full line of top quality spas to suit your needs, no matter how big or how small. We can help you find the perfect spa based on how many people will be using it, what kind of jet configuration you want, and the space you have to accommodate the spa. Whatever your needs and concerns, we will be there to guide... Read The Rest →

Choosing a Swimming Pool Contractor in Charleston

Swimming Pool Contractor

So you’ve made the big decision to build a pool.  You’ve taken the first step to turning your backyard into a relaxing oasis.  Now, what comes next?  You need to make a plan and find the perfect swimming pool contractor.  Paradise Pools & Spas, Inc. is here to help you along every step of the way.  From the very first planning phases, through construction, and into the maintenance phase of pool ownership.  Here’s a brief guide to help you choose a swimming pool contractor in Charleston.   Consider Your Budget... Read The Rest →

Fun Swimming Pool Game Ideas

Swimming Pool Game Ideas

At Paradise Pools & Spas, we know there are so many different ways to enjoy a backyard swimming pool.  Whether you like to lounge in the sun and float the afternoon away, swim laps, or play games, a backyard pool is great fun for the entire family.  If you need some inspiration for activities, check out some of these swimming pool game ideas.  It should be noted that, as with any activity near or around a swimming pool, safety should be observed first and foremost.  This means enforcing rules about ... Read The Rest →

Types of Inground Swimming Pools

Types of Inground Swimming Pools

We at Paradise Pools & Spas know that deciding on a the right type swimming pool is a big decision.  If you know you prefer an inground pool to an above ground pool, you have several types to choose from. There are many opinions on the best types of unground swimming pools, but which type is right for you depends on a variety of factors.  Below is a brief overview of the different types of inground swimming pools.   Fiberglass Pools A popular option among the types of inground swimming... Read The Rest →

Backyard Pool Ideas

Backyard Pool Ideas

Over our many years serving the Charleston area, Paradise Pools & Spas, Inc. has constructed a variety of pools with all sorts of designs. Whether you want an in ground or above ground pool, we can help your ultimate backyard pool ideas come to life.  Here are a few things to consider when designing your pool.   Shape and Size The first of the backyard pool ideas that will shape the design is usual size and shape.  There are a variety of shapes to choose from.  Rectangular, oval and kidney... Read The Rest →

Saltwater Pools vs Chlorine Pools

Saltwater Pools vs Chlorine Pools

Paradise Pools & Spas has the experience and expertise to take care of all your pool needs. Traditionally, pools have been maintained using chlorine, but over the last several years, pools using saltwater system have become increasingly popular. When deciding on which system to use, you need to know some facts about saltwater pools vs chlorine pools.   Softer Feeling Water Many people are initially drawn to saltwater pools vs chlorine pools due to the “softer” feeling of the water.  The salt content of a saltwater pool is far lower than... Read The Rest →

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