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What is the Best Way to Change My Swimming Pool Lights?

swimming pool lightsWhen it comes to owning a pool, there is always something to do, to tweak, to make it run perfectly and look amazing. This can be as complicated as replacing a vital piece of equipment all the way down to something as easy as changing out your swimming pool lights. Not sure how to change out your swimming pool lights? Not to fear, we at Paradise Pools love helping our clients with all of their pool needs, big or small. We have dealt with a lot of pool problems and issues and usually have an easy solution. When it comes to changing out your swimming pool lights, it really is a simple task however, there are a few things to keep in mind to keep it a safe task.

The first thing to always think about when changing out your swimming pool lights is safety. Since you are dealing with electricity and water, which when mixed never turns out well, you have to make sure you are being safe first. The first step in this task is to go to your breaker and turn off all power to your pool. If you have never done this before it can be in two different places. Either the wiring can be on your main circuit breaker or your pool could have its own separate breaker. Turn off all of the power. Test by trying to turn your lights at the switch to make sure the power is truly off.

After you have determined the power to your swimming pool lights is off then go to the light that needs replacing and unscrew the outer fixture and use a flat head screwdriver to pop off the fixture. The cord attaching it to the pool should be long enough for you to bring the fixture out of the pool and onto the deck for easy light changing.

Open the front of the fixture and be sure that the glass isn’t fogged over and clean if needed. This is the point where you change out the lightbulb. Either you will screw off the light bulb or there will be a way to pry the lightbulb away from the fixture. Replace with the new lightbulb. Before you put the fixture back in the pool, test that it works by restoring power for a second or two to make sure the bulb is working properly.

After you have put the new lightbulb in the fixture and determined that it works, put the fixture back together and back in the pool. This is a great time to check out your other fixtures and see if anything else needs to be replaced or clean. Go through and check the glass fronts on all of the swimming pool lights and see if they are all in top shape.

Once you are done placing the fixture back in the pool, you may now restore power back to the pool and see that all of the swimming pool lights are working correctly.

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Photo by: Eduardo Marquetti