Cowboy Cauldron: The Dude


35lbs – 24″ Diameter

THE DUDE® is our newest, lightest, and most affordable Cauldron, and is a proud addition to our lineup.

Scaled for an active lifestyle, THE DUDE® is what you’ve been waiting for – even if you didn’t know it until now!

Made from solid plate steel, just like our other models, THE DUDE® has a 24” basin weighing in at 35 pounds. Big enough to hold a normal campfire, it comes with a grill, rain cover, and more.


Built with with segmented tripod legs, The Dude breaks down so you can put it in your car and go. Even if your car is tiny. Unlike the tripods for our larger cauldrons, the segments break down similar to a tent pole — maximizing portability.

To put its simply, THE DUDE® breaks down, but doesn’t break.

Buy THE DUDE® now, and you’ll still have it when your entire wardrobe is either in tatters, or so out of fashion you’ll wonder what the hell you were thinking when you bought those (fill in the blank, because YOU KNOW what goes here!).

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