Cowboy Cauldron: The Wrangler


130lbs – 36″ Diameter

Cowboy Cauldron makes the most beautiful, best-designed, longest lasting, and most functional fire pit and grill ever to exist. Period.

Built by hand from solid plate steel, a Cauldron will literally change your life. In fact, it will almost surely change the lives of grandchildren and great-grandchildren who aren’t even born yet. Our company and our products are built with one goal in mind – to bring people together for moments of meaningful interaction, and to do so for a long, long time.

Ask anyone who has one. They will almost surely tell you that buying a Cowboy Cauldron was one of the best purchases they have ever made.


Our mid-sized unit just might be your version of Momma Bear’s bed – Juuust right….

With enough visual gravitas to stop people in their tracks, while still being something you and a friend can move around , the Wrangler is a perennial favorite. If you have a big yard or big patio, or like to throw big parties, then step right up. The 36-inch basin radiates heat and hospitality in equal measure, and the grilling surface is more than enough to handle all but the very largest crowds.

If your plan is to put a Cauldron on open space, or on a large outdoor surface, the Wrangler will suit your needs in fine fashion. Large enough to handle the rotisserie kit, one chef we know does a suckling pig on a Wrangler every Sunday at a fancy hotel – to the accolades of all. In fact, he ordered a second one to handle demand! Even though you probably won’t go this big, it’s nice to know that you can. The Wrangler also does small and intimate, so if your plan is for one or two other couples and some nice wine, the Wrangler will bring everyone together in a way that owners of other grills can only dream of.

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