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Special Edition | The Canfield

Saratoga Spas® offers three Special Edition models that provide a strong value to price. They are models that offer a great balance of size, therapy and special features as part of their standard design. Ask your dealer for details and availability on these Special Edition models.

NOTE: Special Edition models, styles, and features not available at all times during the year model styles may change or be discontinued so see your dealer for availability.


Passive Impact™ CFE® Therapy System
Power Massage Plus® Jet(s) 1
Power Massage® Jet(s) 1
Power Stream® Jet(s) 6
Direct Impact™ Therapy System
Versa-Flo™ Jet(s) 42
Whisper Clean® Jet(s) 1
Vortex Jet™ 1
Total Jets 52
Valve Systems
Versa-Flo™ Air Control 2
Versa-Flo™ Valve 3
Roto Stream® Valve 1
Total Valves 6
Domestic International
Width 84″ 2.13 m
Length 84″ 2.13 m
Height 38″ 0.97 m
Average Fill 375 GL 1420 L
Dry Weight 750 lb 340 kg
Average Fill Weight 3880 lb 1760 kg
Seating Capacity 5 – 6 people 5 – 6 people
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