Doughboy’s pool frames are designed to last. These resin-frame pools provide an extra layer of protection from the elements. We recommend these resin-frame pools for those in the Lowcountry who live close to the water.

The Autumn Breeze

Sleek 6½” resin top rails with wide 6″ resin verticals give this graceful pool a strong frame that features all of the beauty and benefits of resin materials. Available in 52″ sidewalls.

The Desert Spring

Attractive 8″ curved, extruded top-rail system with large 7″ extruded resin vertical supports give a classic finish to this captivatingly beautiful pool. Available in 52″ and 54″ sidewalls.

The Saratoga

Industry-leading 10½” resin top rails and verticals offer strength and durability to the elegant pool wall design. This mix of beauty and bronze combine to create a pool that will last a lifetime! Available in 52″ sidewalls.