What is The Algae-Free Guarantee

Algae blooms can happen to even the most seasoned of pool owners. Treating for one can take many steps over several days and quickly eat away at your wallet. With our Algae-Free Guarantee, however, we can help you take a few simple steps to prevent such a pool disaster!

What Do I Need to Do?

You can easily prevent algae in your pool by taking just a few simple precautions! The first step is to bring us your water sample every four weeks! Having Paradise Pools and Spas pool experts perform a personalized digital water analysis every four weeks will let you know exactly what you need to do! It takes just a few minutes once a month! And once we have your analysis, we can present you with the correct chemicals needed to ensure crystal-clear pool water all season long!

Which Products Do I Need?

Once we have your water, we’ll ask you a few questions about your pool to ensure a personalized experience. We’ll then explain which chemicals you need to add monthly, in addition to your balancers, to ensure an algae-free pool!

Qualifying Chemicals (Salt System)

•           Salt – 2 bags

•           Algae Complete – 1 bottle

•           Cell Cleaner – 1 bottle


•           Mineral Springs Beginnings – 2 bags

•           Mineral Springs Renewal – 4 bags

•           Cell Cleaner – 1 bottle

Qualifying Chemicals (Traditional Chlorine)

•           Chlorine Shock (Burnout73 or Smart Shock) – 6 bags

•           Chlorine Stick or Tablet – 7.5lb container or larger

•           Algae Complete – 1 bottle

What If I Still Get Algae?

With the few easy steps that we present to you, you should not get an algae bloom. However, life happens! But as our guarantee to you, if you get an algae bloom despite following our explicit instructions, we will provide to you the chemicals needed to treat your pool for algae at no charge to you! We’ll walk you through the process and you’ll be crystal-clear again in no time!

How Do I Sign Up?

All chlorine pools are eligible for this program. To sign up for this program, you will need to purchase the initial recommended chemicals listed. The specific chemicals you need will be specific to your sanitizer system. A Paradise Pools and Spas pool expert will assist you in determining which sanitizer system you have and which chemicals you need. After purchasing the recommended chemicals, you will sign the Algae-Free Guarantee contact that states that you agree to the terms of the Algae-Free Guarantee, including having your pool’s water analyzed every four weeks. We will also make sure that you are using the recommended chemicals monthly. If you adhere to all of these parameters, and still get an algae bloom in your pool, please bring in a water sample ASAP and let us know and you will be provided the chemicals needed to treat said bloom at no charge to you. Stop by any of our three locations and get started today!