Are you using expensive pool care companies to take care of your pool? Did you know that you could save HUNDREDS of dollars each month on pool care?! Not only is it easy, but we can also help you!

We’ve found over the years that “pool maintenance companies” vary greatly. However, we typically define “pool maintenance companies” are usually companies that come out weekly or bi-weekly to vacuum and add some pool chemicals and that’s what we are addressing. But know that not all these companies are structured the same way.

The first thing that one needs to know is that pool care may seem overwhelming and time-consuming, but it’s not! With proper guidance, you can take care of your pool in less than half an hour each week!

Step one is easy—take a breath! We’re here to help. We are here to answer any and all pool and spa related questions you may have. Paradise Pools and Spas has thirty-eight years of pool experience and we haven’t been stumped yet!

Bring in a sample of your pool or spa water and a list of questions and we’ll get you started. Just spend half an hour with us and you’ll quickly learn everything you’d ever need to know! We know that water balance is the key to almost every water issue. Improperly balanced water can cause corrosion, algae, clarity issues, and more! We provide personalized digital water analyses and let you know exactly what you need to correct your water issues and how to apply those chemicals easily and effectively. For best results, we recommend coming in just once every four weeks with a water sample and let us tell you what you need to do and it’s that easy!

Step two—vacuuming! A big part of pool maintenance is vacuuming regularly. Even if you manually vacuum, we highly recommend automated pool cleaners too. Years ago, these cleaners were all suction or pressure-side powered cleaners but now there are countless options that are electric! They’re extremely easy to use. You just put the cleaner directly into the pool, press a single button on its power box, and watch it go! The Pentair Prowler 920 is a popular model that over time, learns the layout of your pool and can even climb your pool’s walls.

Step three—enjoy your pool! That’s really it! With proper water care and regular vacuuming, you can enjoy a crystal-clear pool year-round with minimal cost and little labor! And doing it on your own is easy, especially with us for backup! Just stop by any of our three locations and we can show you exactly what you need to do!