HGTV has announced its 2020 Dream Home Sweepstakes and this year’s Dream Home is located just south of us in beautiful Hilton Head Island! And as we all desperately try to win this gorgeous Lowcountry home for the next few weeks, it’s giving us ideas about our own backyards! We have tons of simple solutions to creating your own dream home!

The first thing we notice about this gorgeous backyard is its centerpiece–the sleek, modern inground pool. While you might already have a pool, we have plenty of ideas to help you modernize and update your own backyard centerpiece. The HGTV Dream Home 2020 pool includes a saltwater system and your pool can too! If you’re unfamiliar with a salt system, it’s a small piece of equipment plumbed in-line with your current setup that converts salt water into chlorine gas, effortlessly chlorinating your pool with minimal effort. And we can help, submit a service request today for a free estimate on updating to a Pentair iChlor system!

In addition to the pool, the Dream Home is ornamented with various backyard accessories to help you enjoy the beautiful Lowcountry scenery and weather. And we have countless accessories for your own backyard!

Both of these chic, modern styles reflect the ease of Lowcountry living! And we offer similar styles from Telescope Casual Furniture. Available in a multitude of styles, colors, and more! Each piece just as unique as you.

In addition to backyard seating, the Dream Home shows us a custom, built-in fire pit! No doubt perfect for cool evenings with friends.

Don’t have enough space (or looking to save $$) for a fire pit? Think again! Once again, Telescope Casual Furniture has you covered! They offer a wide array of beautiful fire tables! Much more functional (and affordable)!

Looking for another place to lounge? A hammock provides the perfect place to relax.

With La Siesta Hammocks, you can recreate this piece of paradise anywhere, effortlessly!

And looking for a place to relax and take in those Lowcountry views? Adirondack chairs are a classic piece to add to any backyard!

Seaside Casual Furniture offers a modern twist on the classic Adirondack. Seaside Casual Furniture is made of a composite material guaranteed to withstand the unpredictable weather the Lowcountry has to offer.

And what about backyard entertaining? The Dream Home shows us an elaborate, built-in set up perfect for entertaining everyone!

However, not everyone has such an elaborate space to host their oyster roast, Lowcountry boil, or whatever event you have planned! With a Primo Ceramic Grill, you can save tons of space with a table (available in wood or stainless steel)! Not to mention, with the right accessories, you can cook for the whole family!

And with all that food, you’ll need a place to eat! And only outdoors will do!

Once again, Seaside Casual has the perfect solution. Still made of the weather-resistant composite material, it’s perfect for patio or porch! And in this beautiful and trendy blue/white combo, it’s sure to get as much attention as the food!

Once again, HGTV has outdone itself with this year’s Dream Home but just in case you don’t win this year, don’t worry! We can help transform your own backyard into the perfect backyard oasis!