2018 is in full swing and our motto this year is “new year, new yard”! We’ve started this year with a lot of frigid weather and even a snow storm! But you know what they say, “If we had no winter, the spring would not be so pleasant”. We’ve taken a look ahead and have predicted this years backyard trends so you can embrace your new yard once old man winter is finally gone!

Going Green

Switching to an energy efficient pump and filter for your inground OR above ground pool may just be the upgrade you didn’t know you needed! Switching from a standard single-speed pool pump with a sand filter over to a new Pentair Variable Speed pump and cartridge filter can save you up to 90% off of your energy bill each year! And if you switch to the Pentair Intelliflo VS pump, you get the added benefit of an extremely quiet pump! Another added benefit is that you’re actually filtering more debris from your pool water as you’re running the pump constantly at a lower speed.

Modern Fire Pits




Fire pits have been popular for awhile now, but limited in design. Now you can choose from a wide array of designs that fit your style and mood. And we have to admit, we don’t want to wait until spring for this one!

Outdoor Living Spaces

Long gone are the days of the sqeaky, foldable lounge chair! Outdoor living spaces enable you to extend the warmth and coziness of your home outdoors. There are TONS of styles to choose from! And if you want to add a little more flair to your outdoor space, add in a fun outdoor rug! Fab Habitat has a lot of beautiful outdoor rugs that are actually made of recycled materials!

Hanging Lounge Chairs

Sometimes you just want to “hangout” at home. What better way than to do it literally! Hammock chairs are a fun way to relax and add a little color to your yard. The best part is they aren’t just for kids! These whimisical additions to your backyard come in a wide array of colors and sizes!




Unexpected Lighting Features


Create your own light show! There are tons of different options for nontraditional lighting features. Everything from floating orbs to LED beach balls to light up wine coolers! Anything you can imagine can be used to add a little something extra to your pool parties this summer!

So while we’re waiting for warmer days, keep an eye out for these and other backyard trends! It’s never too early to start your backyard makeover! Happy New Year from Paradise Pools and Spas!