As a pool or spa owner, you know by now just how important it is to your pool’s liner/shell and equipment to keep your water balanced. What you may not realize however, is how much of a difference having a clean filter really is.
You probably know that your filter should be deep cleaned at least twice each year (opening and closing) but cleaning your filter more often can benefit your water’s chemistry and how well your equipment functions.
It’s also important to do more than just rinse your filter with fresh water. Think of your hair. You can rinse some dirt or debris from your hair, but you eventually must use shampoo/conditioner to get your hair clean. There are many products you can use to clean your filter’s cartridges or to condition your filter’s sand to optimize your equipment’s functionality.
     In addition to cleaning the filter, it’s also important to chemically clean the cell on your salt system, if you have one. And if you have a spa, it’s also highly recommended to keep two sets of cartridges on hand and rotate them periodically.
And remember, if you need help cleaning your equipment, feel free to contact us to set up a service call. Happy spring cleaning!