With graduation coming up in the next couple of weeks, it’s time to plan that graduation pool party! We want your party to go off without a hitch so here’s some tips for an awesome pool party!

First off, May is National Pool Safety month, so make sure that your pool is safe for your party. Designate a lifeguard. At least one responsible adult who is a great swimmer, preferably one who is CPR certified. Also, make sure to have a first aid kit on hand. Glass near the pool is a no-no, but sometimes it happens anyway and it could be dangerous. And remember your four-legged swimmers! Sometimes they need lifejackets (especially older dogs) and someone to keep an eye on them.

Next, let’s talk about chemical prep! Be sure to come in at least 2-3 days before your party to make sure your pool is balanced before the party. Come in a lot earlier if your pool is cloudy or green. We can help you clear up any issue in time for your party if you come in early. Also, make sure to have a bag of shock on hand for after the party. Sometimes party goers leave residue from sunscreen or perfumes in the water (and hair from our four-legged friends). Shock after the party so that the pool stays clear!

And now the fun stuff: pool toys! There are tons of options these days when it comes to pool toys and floats. A few popular floats this season are the giant inflatable swans, flamingos, ducks, pretzel and donut floats. There’s definitely something for everyone! And don’t forget floats for the little ones.

All you need now is some great music, sunscreen, and delicious snacks and you’ll have a party to remember! And don’t forget, we’re always here if you need any help! We hope you have a great party and congratulations to the class of 2017!