Saltwater pool systems, or chlorine generators, are very trendy and are installed on many of today’s new pools. A saltwater pool system works by being plumbed in line with existing pipes near the pool. Salt is added directly into the pool and as the water passes through the “salt cell” it is converted into chlorine that is dispersed back into the pool water. So technically, saltwater pools are still chlorine pools. The system is simply a different way of chlorinating your pool.

There are many myths out there surrounding saltwater pool systems and here are just a few:

Myth #1: Saltwater pools are cheaper to maintain. This is a mixture of true and false. With a saltwater system, you still must balance your pool (think Ph, Alkalinity, and Hardness) throughout the year as well as add salt. What you are saving on is chlorine costs. Instead of buying chlorine sticks/tablets + weekly, you will add salt as needed and determined by a water analysis.


Myth #2: Saltwater pools don’t require anything but salt as needed. False. As mentioned previously, saltwater pools still need to be tested and balanced. It is recommended to have all pool water analyzed at least once every four weeks.


Myth #3: All pools are ideal for salt systems. False. Most inground pools are in fact ideal for salt systems, but above ground pools are not. They are very different structurally and can corrode in a matter of months in some cases. Most above ground pool companies void your warranty if a salt system has been installed.


These are very important things to keep in mind when considering converting your pool over to salt. Thousands of people are converting their pool over to salt and absolutely love it. As with any big purchase it’s important to do your own research beforehand and remember to consult with a pool expert for recommendations.