It’s that time of year already–pool party season! But did you know that your pool can do more for you than just entertain? There are many benefits of water aerobics for all ages. Weight loss is something many of us think about often, ant it’s easy to exercise in your pool while staying cool! The average thirty-minute pool workout every day can help you shed up to 300 calories! Another benefit of this type of workout is that it is low-impact. This means that because of the buoyancy of the water, and the lack of impact that joints and muscles receive, you can work out for long periods of time with minimal stress on those joints and muscles. And like with any exercise routine, water aerobics can help relieve a great deal of stress. Why not let your workout be fun? There’s no equipment needed for this backyard workout and again, with our weather here in the Low Country, it’s a great way to stay cool while exercising. Let your pool work for you this season!