It’s almost that time of year again –pool season! You can ensure an easy, carefree pool season this year by opening your pool earlier than you intend to swim. We highly recommend, especially in our climate here in the Low Country, opening your pool in April. To begin with, remove your cover (if you have one) and check your skimmer and pump baskets and eliminate any debris. If your baskets have any cracks, you should replace them. Once you’ve done these steps, let your pool pump and filter run for a full twenty-four hours and then take a water sample (from about elbow-depth) and bring it in to a store for an analysis. It is important to have your water checked monthly, no matter the time of year, and to keep your pool water balanced. It is important to have your water’s Ph, Alkalinity, Hardness level, and Chlorine within a specific range. Improperly balanced water can cause equipment to deteriorate quickly, cause staining, and, of course, cause eye and skin irritation once it’s time for you to go swimming. Once you have balanced your water, it is important to follow a routine to check your chlorine. This could be as simple as making sure you have a chlorine stick or tablet in your skimmer basket at all times, or just monitoring your pool’s salt system chlorine output, depending on your personal pool’s setup. Other things you can do to ensure a crystal-clear pool all season is to add a preventative algicide to your weekly routine. If you run into any issues, you can also consult with us here at Paradise Pools & Spas and we would love to help you. With these easy steps, you can enjoy a fun, stress-free summer by the pool!